Sketchy Holiday Sweater 2020 - Gram Positive

  • $49.99

Our sweater is the best way to get in the holiday mood - comfy, slightly sweaty, and VERY Sketchy! Made in Ireland from cashmere-grade bacterial pili, this beautiful garment will keep you just barely sub-febrile all winter! Though it’s been banned from official testing centers across America,*  we hear it’s guaranteed to get you Honors in microbiology!**

Are you team gram positive (purple/blue) or gram negative (red/green)? 

The critics are raving about the 2020 Edition:

“Impressively nerdy - I want to show it to all the friends I don’t have.” - J. Finkel

“Upsettingly itchy… like an exanthem of holiday cheer!” - A. Johansson

“My warm hugs have never been moister!” - Bryan Lemieux, Cofounder, SketchyMedical

         * Probably not true yet, but wait till they find out!
         ** Not actually guaranteed